Pack Away Your Turkey Neck with Thanksgiving

Pack Away Your Turkey Neck with ThanksgivingAs you are packing away Thanksgiving for another year, why not make plans to say goodbye to your turkey neck at the same time? Submental fat can develop underneath the chin, giving you the “turkey neck” appearance, making you look older and even heavier than you feel. Now an innovative injectable treatment can eliminate that submental fat with minimal discomfort and downtime, allowing you to say goodbye to your turkey neck for good.

The Lowdown on Submental Fullness

Submental fullness is the isolated deposit of fat and tissue that develops underneath the chin over time. This double chin look is typically the result of skin laxity and the aging process. Its appearance can make you look like you have put on a few pounds even if you haven’t. It also makes you look older than you feel in most cases. A survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that people are just as bothered by submental fat as they are about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Kybella Difference

Kybella is a new injectable medication that was approved by the FDA just last year for the treatment of submental fat. The active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, is a substance naturally produced by the body to aid in the absorption of fat. When the substance is injected directly into the pocket of fat under the chin, it destroys the fat cells so that they can be eliminated by the body. The procedure offers dramatic improvement in the jaw and neckline after just 1-3 treatment sessions.

What to Expect

The Kybella treatment is performed at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery on an outpatient basis. You will be given a topical numbing cream prior to the injections to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The injections, which are made using a very fine needle, are strategically placed in multiple areas underneath the chin in order to produce even and consistent results. Most patients will receive up to 30 injections before the treatment is over.

After the procedure, you may find the treatment area is tender and swollen. Some patients choose to spend the rest of the day at home, although you can return to regular activities right away if you are feeling up to it. Swelling will persist for a number of days, but you will likely find it subsides completely within about a week after your treatment. Most patients find that subsequent treatments are accompanied by less pain and swelling than that initial procedure.

Permanent Results

Once the injections are completed, the deoxycholic acid goes to work destroying the fat cells in the treatment area. Those fat cells can then be permanently eliminated through the body’s own lymphatic system. Over time, the submental fat will dissolve away, giving you a more sculpted, defined jawline.

Because the fat cells are permanently depleted, your Kybella results are considered permanent. However, aging can begin to take its toll over time once again and you may need a another treatment in the future to extend your positive results.

Kybella Alternatives

While Kybella is an excellent solution for a double chin and turkey neck, it is not the only procedure available that treats neck fullness and laxity. At Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery, we also offer ThermiTight and CoolMini/CoolSculpting treatments to address this problem area. Dr. Andrews and his staff will meet with you to discuss your concerns and desired outcome before recommending the best procedure for your specific needs.

Don’t let that turkey neck follow you into Christmas. Contact Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery today at 855-338-0261 to find out if Kybella is the right treatment for you.

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