NeoGraft Hair Restoration

While many hair restoration procedures are invasive and leave scars, that couldn’t be further from the truth with NeoGraft Hair Restoration. The innovative device allows Dr. Andrews to easily remove and transplant hair follicles and provide you with new hair growth in only a matter of months.

What is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

NeoGraft Hair Restoration uses the minimally invasive FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction). How does it work? The innovative NeoGraft device extracts individual hair follicles directly from a portion of the scalp without removing any of the scalp with a scalpel. It then sorts them and reimplants them into the area where you’re experiencing hair loss or balding, giving you natural-looking results and no visible scarring.

Who is a Good Candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

While many people are struggling with hair loss, not everyone is a good candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration. Some of the qualifications that make someone an ideal candidate for this procedure include:

  • Your hair loss is more recent
  • You are in generally good health
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You don’t expect instant results


The NeoGraft Hair Restoration Procedure

NeoGraft uses an automated handheld device to harvest individual hair follicles, sort them, and then transplant them into the area with hair loss or hair thinning. 

The procedure will start with an anesthetic being applied to the treatment areas. Dr. Andrews will then use the NeoGraft device to extract the follicles from the donor site. The device will then separate each follicle, and then they will be reimplanted into the transplant treatment area.

Depending on the number of grafts needed, the procedure could take anywhere from four to ten hours. You may also need more than one procedure, but typically one session gives you the results you’re looking for.

Dr. Andrews will then apply a dressing to the donor site and implantation site to help with bleeding.


After NeoGraft Hair Restoration, Dr. Andrews will provide instructions on how to take care of the treatment areas, including what shampoos and hair care products to use. However, because there are no incisions, there is no need for sutures, and recovery is faster than other hair transplant procedures.

The newly implanted grafts may feel tender or appear slightly raised at first, but this should subside in about a week. You should be able to return to your normal routine after two weeks and be able to return to work a few days after surgery.

As for results, you will see some new hair in the first few months after treatment, but the full results typically show up within 9-12 months as the implanted follicles follow the hair’s natural growth cycle.

board-certified plastic surgeon


Dr. Kahlil Andrews is a board-certified plastic surgeon from Los Angeles specializing in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

At his location in Coralville, Iowa, Dr. Andrews’ academic and technical achievements are only exceeded by his commitment to patient care. Whether they are seeking reconstructive breast surgery, outpatient injectable treatment, or a full-blown mommy makeover, Dr. Andrews gives his full attention and focus on achieving excellent patient outcomes.



I was treated better and with more respect than in any medical setting, I have previously experienced. They were compassionate, knowledgeable, and informative. I strongly recommend Dr. Andrews and his very capable team! – Sophia Joseph

I went to see Dr. Andrews recently. The entire staff was welcoming and friendly. Dr. Andrews took the time to explain to me my options and answered all my questions. I can’t wait to have my procedure. – Aleigha De Leon


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