Despite maintaining a dedicated exercise plan, many individuals struggle to eliminate the last stubborn pockets of fatty tissue. To compound the problem, patients seeking solutions often find there are many treatments focused on fat reduction, but they often neglect muscle toning. In the ever-advancing field of cosmetic procedures, EmSculpt has emerged as a revolutionary solution– with FDA approval, EmSculpt stands as the first energy device capable of simultaneously building muscle and burning fat.

Who is EmSculpt For?

EmSculpt is a noninvasive, nonsurgical method for fat reduction specifically designed to enhance muscle tone. The device emits energy frequencies that target beneath the dermal layers, using heat to eliminate tissue without harming healthy cells. Individuals within a healthy weight range bothered by fat resistant to traditional approaches should consider EmSculpt. While designed for fat reduction, it’s important to note that EmSculpt is not a weight loss treatment, and interested patients should have a body mass index under 30.

The Benefits of EmSculpt

Unlike the fat reduction devices that came before EmSculpt, this new device’s unique design is uniquely adept at tightening the skin and muscles. There are many benefits that EmSculpt ranging from the most prevalent benefits to the lesser-known advantages:

  • Building Muscle
  • Reducing Fat
  • Contouring Figure
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Quick Results
  • Noninvasive

Though sufficient for removing lesser amounts of fat, EmSculpt is not a suitable weight loss treatment and should not be used as a starting point for patients trying to lose weight.

The EmSculpt Procedure

Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy pulse and radiofrequency energy, EmSculpt transmits waves into the muscle layers beneath the skin. The energy creates muscle contractions similar to those achieved through exercise, activating muscle fibers, and promoting muscle growth for a tightened and toned figure. Simultaneously, EmSculpt’s targeted energy heats and eliminates fat cells for an efficient treatment.

EmSculpt Results and Recovery

EmSculpt treatments typically last 30 minutes, though results will continue gradually developing over the next few months—fully realized results may be apparent after 45 to 90 days. Patients will need to undergo four treatments each spaced one week apart to optimize results. On average, patients following this plan experience a 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle growth, though individual percentages may vary.

As a non-invasive procedure, EmSculpt involves minimal discomfort during the procedure and recovery. No preparation is needed before the treatment, and most patients can resume their usual routines immediately afterward. While aftercare instructions are unnecessary, all patients are encouraged to avoid touching or putting pressure on the treated area for 24 hours. Mild redness or tenderness around the treatment area may occur immediately after, but discomfort is generally minimal and fades on its own.

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Dr. Kahlil Andrews is a board-certified plastic surgeon from Los Angeles specializing in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

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