5 Reasons Winter is the Perfect Time for Plastic Surgery

WinterAre you getting tired of the cold temperatures and frosty Iowa climate? Ready to embrace the warmer, sunnier days of spring? Before bidding winter farewell for good this year, why not make the most of the weeks left in the season? There is still time to take advantage of the winter weather and get the plastic surgery procedure you want to get you ready for summer. Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery has five good reasons to have your plastic surgery while the temperatures are still chilly.

Taking Time Off

The winter holidays are over, but summer festivities have not yet begun. Now is the perfect time to plan your “stay-cation” to recover from your plastic surgery procedure. Often, this time of year is relatively slow on the social front, allowing you to take some time for yourself without raising many questions. Plus, the cold temperatures make staying indoors watching television or reading a good book downright enjoyable. By the time summer gets into full swing, you will be fully healed and ready to join the fun.

Avoiding the Sun

Sun exposure after plastic surgery is a big no-no, because those powerful UV rays can wreak havoc with the healing of your incision. Surgeons typically advise their patients to avoid direct sun exposure for many weeks after a procedure. With the sun safely hidden behind the clouds and colder temperatures keeping you from spending much time outdoors, it is much easier to avoid the sun this time of year. When you do venture out as the temperatures start to rise, make sure to wear your sunscreen to maintain the positive results of your procedure and prevent potential sun damage.

Covering Up

There is no way around the fact that any type of surgery is accompanied by incisions, sutures, swelling and bruising and other telltale signs you had a procedure. Winter is a much easier season to keep your plastic surgery secret since bulky sweaters, scarves and hats can usually hide the evidence. You can also hide unattractive compression garments underneath that warm winter clothing. In addition, the cooler temperatures will make those compression garments much more comfortable to wear as prescribed.

Getting a Boost

Many people suffer from the “doldrums” this time of year as they tire of gazing upon the gray winter landscape and long for the greener, more colorful setting of spring. A mental and physical boost may be just the ticket to riding out the rest of the winter season on a brighter note. Get your plastic surgery now and the anticipation of the results to be revealed just might give you the extra incentive you need to keep plugging through the end of winter.

Summer Anticipation

Summer is often the season of weddings, reunions and vacations. Make sure you are ready to face all the upcoming events in your life by addressing any cosmetic concerns you have now. While most patients are back to work and other activities within 2-3 weeks after plastic surgery, it might take much longer for the results of your procedure to become full evident. Scheduling your procedure soon will give your body ample time to deal with swelling, bruising and any other surgery side effects before you head out for the summer social scene.

If this is the year you would like to have that cosmetic procedure done, now is the perfect time to do it. To learn more about the best procedure for you, contact Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery today at 319-800-6877.

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