What You Should Know about Breast Implant Placement

What You Should Know about Breast Implant PlacementWhen you make the decision to move forward with breast augmentation, you will discover there that are many decisions to make before undergoing the procedure. From the implant type to incision placement, you and your plastic surgeon will work together to design the procedure that is right for you. One of the discussions you are likely to have is where the implants are to be placed with respect to the breast muscle. There are two options in breast implant placement and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Sub-Glandular Placement

This procedure puts the implant above the breast muscle just beneath the breast tissue (gland). This previously had been the most common placement until recently, when surgeons began to discover the advantages of placing the implants behind the chest muscle and the disadvantages of subglandular placement.


  • Surgery is slightly less invasive with less post-operative pain
  • Patients have a shorter, more comfortable recovery period
  • No interference with the function of chest muscle- important for body builders


  • May not look as natural in women with less breast tissue
  • More likely to show rippling of the implant
  • More apt to result in stretch marks and breast drooping over time
  • More interference in reading mammograms
  • Tends to have a higher rate of capsular contracture

Sub-Muscular Placement

With this placement, the implant is actually placed behind the pectoral muscle, which is performed by cutting or releasing the lower portion of the muscle so that the implant falls naturally into the base of the breast. Although a newer technique, many plastic surgeons are discovering this placement can give many of their patients much better cosmetic results. The increase in this procedure in recent years means that many surgeons are experienced in this placement as well.


  • More natural result for women with less breast tissue
  • Lower risk for rippling and capsular contracture
  • Because the muscle provides added support, there is less stress on the skin
  • Less likelihood of breast drooping over time
  • Less distortion during mammograms means more accurate results
  • Preserves better blood flow to the nipples
  • More natural sloping on the top of the breast


  • Surgery may involve more discomfort and longer recovery period
  • Flexing of pectoral muscle can distort the appearance of the chest
  • May interfere with some types of weight lifting exercises
  • Higher positioning of implant may look unnatural in some women

Making the Choice

Once you have decided to have breast implant placement, there are a number of factors to consider before the procedure is performed. The size of your implants, the amount of breast tissue you have and your desired results will all come into play. It is important to work with an experienced plastic surgeon that can walk you through the decision-making process to ensure you have the best possible outcome from your breast augmentation procedure.

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