Staying Fit this Summer

Staying Fit this Summer in Cedar RapidsSummer is the time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, but if you are self-conscious about your appearance that can be easier said than done. Perhaps now is the time to whip your summer body into shape and take advantage of the warm temperatures at the same time. The team at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery has tips to help you stay fit this summer without missing out on any of the fun under the sun.

Water Fitness

Sure you can swim a few laps in your neighborhood pool while it is open for the season, but why not take your water fitness to a whole new dimension? Join a water polo team or take a water aerobics class where you are guaranteed to burn the calories while toning up your muscles. Water is an excellent addition to any workout because it adds resistance while reducing the impact of the exercise. It can be done by workout gurus of all fitness levels and is especially beneficial to those suffering from joint and muscle pain.

Get Paddling

You can also use the water to get in shape by taking part in any number of paddling sports. Paddle boarding can be done sitting or standing up and burns plenty of calories in a fun and relaxing activity. Kayaking and canoeing will also give your arms an ample workout while getting you out on the ocean or lake for some amazing sightseeing fun. Combine your workout with a day of fishing and you will reap multiple benefits from your day on the water.

Hitting the Trails

Whether you enjoy hiking, running or a leisurely stroll through some lovely natural environments, trails can be the go-to place to get your summer calorie burn. Cedar Rapids features a number of trails to enjoy, with a variety of distances and difficulties to entice every fitness level. Check out Coralville Reservoir or Prairie Park for some excellent trail opportunities right in your own backyard.

Take Play to the Next Level

What summer activities did you enjoy as a kid? Jump rope or the playground? Perhaps volleyball was your sport of choice as you got older, or you found soccer to be more to your liking. Maybe adventure sports like rock climbing or mountain biking meet your cravings for summer fun best. No matter what activities you enjoy, take them to the next level by incorporating them into your summer workout plan.

Keeping Safe

No matter what type of workout you schedule this summer, safety is paramount as you plan to work up a sweat in the Iowa summer heat. Here are some tips to keep you safe all summer long:

  • Choose your outdoor workouts for the cooler times of day – either early in the morning or in the evening hours
  • Keep your clothing light and choose fabrics with moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry throughout your warm weather exercise sessions
  • Split longer workouts into two shorter sessions, preferably during those cooler times of day when possible
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workouts
  • Finish off your workout with a cool shower that will wash off all the sweat and give your body some instant cooling power

At Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best all year long. If you are considering a cosmetic treatment this summer to get you ready for the busy warm-weather social season contact Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery today at 855-338-0261.

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