Liposuction and Renuvion – The Benefit of Both

While diet and exercise can do a lot, they don’t always give you the results you’re looking for, especially if you’re looking to target specific areas. That’s where liposuction and Renuvion come in. These two treatments can help you reduce excess fat and tighten your skin. But why have both treatments together at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery?

Let’s take a look at what these two procedures entail and why having them together can help achieve the best results.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty, is a procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body. When struggling with excess fat, liposuction is one of the most sought-after treatments available today. The procedure works by using a cannula (a thin tube) to loosen up the fat. Then, a vacuum is used to suction out the unwanted fat.

Liposuction can be used on the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, back, and other areas of the body, helping you achieve a more contoured appearance.

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is an innovative treatment that combines radiofrequency and plasma energy to tighten the skin. A thin wand is inserted through a cannula under the skin, and the treatment causes contractions in the skin to tighten it. The energy also leads to an increase in the production of collagen.

Additionally, the device uses cooling energy to ensure you’re completely comfortable.

The Benefits of Having Liposuction and Renuvion

Why would you want to have liposuction and Renuvion together? The main reason many people have these two treatments simultaneously is because, while liposuction can remove excess fat, it cannot tighten the skin. Liposuction can actually exacerbate skin laxity issues or sagging skin. That’s where Renuvion can help. After liposuction, Renuvion is used to tighten the skin and give you the contoured appearance you’re looking for.

And since Renuvion will not lead to any extra incisions, you don’t have to worry about another scar or extra healing time.

Another benefit to having liposuction and Renuvion treatment together is that the Renuvion treatment will enhance your liposuction results. With liposuction without Renuvion, you may not be able to see the full results because loose skin may be hiding your new contours. With Renuvion tightening your skin, the results will fully stand out, and you’ll be able to see your new figure.

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Are you ready to finally achieve the body of your dreams? When diet and exercise aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for, liposuction and Renuvion can be the perfect solution.

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