Incision Patterns for Breast Lifts

When a patient is considering breast lift surgery, one of the biggest concerns is often the type of incision that will be used and the subsequent scarring it will leave. Currently, there are three basic types of incisions that can be used for a breast lift procedure. The right incision pattern depends on the amount of lift required. If a breast lift is in your future, it is important to know the options in incision patterns so you can work with Dr. Andrews to make the best possible decision for your procedure.

Types of Incision Patterns

A breast lift usually involves one of three basic incision patterns:

Peri-areolar Incision – This incision, which may also be referred to as the donut incision, goes around the border of the areola. Scarring can be nearly invisible after the incision heals, especially in patients with lighter skin tones. Although this type of incision is the least commonly used in breast lift surgery, it is a good choice for women with minimal sagging. It may also be recommended if the patient is requesting implants at the same time as the lift.

Vertical Incision – Also known as the lollipop incision, this pattern involves an incision around the border of the areola and a vertical incision down the middle portion of the breast between the areola and the breast crease. This is the most common type of incision pattern for a breast lift and can be effective for mild to moderate sagging. Although this pattern places an incision directly on the breast, it is limited to the lower border of the breast and typically heals with an acceptable scar.

Anchor Incision – The anchor incision is also referred to as the inverted “T” or Wise pattern. The incision goes around the border of the areola and down the middle of the breast to the crease, like a lollipop incision. However, another incision follows the breast crease, so the pattern resembles an anchor or an inverted “T”. This incision is reserved for patients with significant sagging and often used when the lift is combined with a small reduction in breast volume.

With a variety of incisions to choose from, breast lift surgery can be customized to the unique needs and desired results of each individual patient. You and Dr. Andrews will work together to determine the best incision pattern for you based on your anatomy and specific goals for breast rejuvenation. To learn more about this procedure or other options in breast surgery, please contact the staff at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery today.

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