Feeling Sexy & Confident for The Big Day!

It’s the day you’ve envisioned since you were a little girl. You anticipated the flowers, the color scheme, the music and the dress. The splendor of that imaginary day played out over and over in your mind. Now that you’re engaged, the imaginary day you once dreamed of is about to become reality. Your wedding day is the most important, the most special, and the most beautiful day of your life. It’s the one day where ordinary life takes a back seat and you step into your own personal fairy tale. You want to look and feel like Cinderella and perfectly fit into the dress of your dreams, but you don’t feel that you’ll be able to fill the curves of your wedding dress in all the right places. You want to feel sexy not just for your wedding day, but every day. With your wedding only a few months away, you decide to give yourself an early wedding present: breast enhancement.

Here Come the Breasts

Breast enhancement through breast augmentation is a great procedure for women looking to have fuller and more shapelier breasts. Through the insertion of either silicone gel or saline implants you can achieve the size, volume and breast silhouette that suits your desired look. Breast augmentation is a an outpatient procedure that only takes about an hour to perform. If you are looking to have your breasts enhanced specifically for your wedding day, it is important to plan a consultation and schedule a surgery as early as possible to give yourself enough time for recovery. Four-six months is generally enough time for consultation, surgery and recovery. Keep in mind that there may be a window of time that passes between your consultation and procedure, so the earlier you start planning, the less stress you will have before your wedding date. As with any surgical procedure, there will be some downtime, swelling and bruising. Give yourself enough time to heal so your dream dress will fit perfectly on your new figure.

Getting a Lift in Confidence

Breast augmentation provides you with volume and fullness, but it does not give you lift. If you are looking to tighten the lax skin and address the sagginess of your breasts, a breast lift with or without a combined breast augmentation may be a great option for you. By removing the excess skin and lifting the nipple to a more youthful location, your breasts are reconfigured to give you rejuvenated, perkier breast profile. The breast lift procedure is done on an outpatient basis and can take about two hours, or three hours if a breast augmentation is also performed.

A Heavy Load to Bear

If you have large breasts that have given chronic neck or back pain, breast reduction may be an option for you. Larger breasts can also restrict physical activity and decrease confidence. You might find it hard to fit comfortably in dresses without spilling over the top, and you want to fit flawlessly in your wedding dress. A breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, will both decrease the size of your breasts and improve your breast shape. The procedure involves the removal of excess breast tissue and skin and will lift your nipple to a more youthful location. After the procedure, you will have smaller yet perkier breasts.

Come See Us

Dr. Andrews at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery would love to give you the breasts you’ve always hoped for. Whether you are looking for an enhancement, reduction or lift entrust your figure to our experienced team. Please call us at 319-800-6877 to set up a consultation with Dr. Kahlil Andrews and his staff. We look forward to being a part of your special day!

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