Buttock Lifting and the Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock Lift Cedar Rapids IowaThe backside is a source of cosmetic concern for many women today, whether they believe their buttocks are too small or too large. Some individuals also find gravity takes its toll on the backside, resulting in sagging buttocks that give them an aged body profile. Fortunately, there are ways to pause gravity today, lifting the buttocks back their original position while restoring youthful fullness in this area. Dr. Andrews at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery has different options in buttock lifting to help his patients achieve the more attractive backside they are looking for.



Why the Butt Sags

There can be many reasons why the buttocks change over time. Excess skin and fat can develop in the backside due to weight fluctuations or even the normal aging process. Extreme weight loss, particularly after bariatric surgery, can also lead to loose skin and sagging. In addition to the loose skin, you might see the dimpling effect common with cellulite. A buttock lift can address this concern as well.


Candidates for a Butt Lift

You might be a good candidate for a butt lift if you have any or all of the following:

  • Loose, sagging skin in the backside
  • Isolated areas of fat that don’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts
  • Loose skin that rubs together, causing irritation and restricting activity
  • Excess skin and fat that keep you from wearing smaller clothing sizes
  • Self-consciousness or dissatisfaction about your backend

It is important to be in good health when considering a buttock lift, since this will affect the safety and success of the procedure. This surgery is not typically recommended for smokers and Dr. Andrews can advise you as to how long you must refrain from smoking before and after your procedure to ensure the best possible results.


About the Procedure

A butt lift is a surgical procedure that can be performed by Dr. Andrews on an outpatient basis. Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas where visible scarring after surgery will be minimal. Through these incisions, Dr. Andrews will remove excess skin and tissue while creating a lift in the overall shape and position of the buttocks. Liposuction is also be used to remove stubborn pockets of fat and create a smoother contour.


Additional Buttock Enhancement

In some cases, a lift procedure will be all that is necessary to achieve your full cosmetic results. However, some patients opt to combine with lift with buttock augmentation to create volume and shape they are currently lacking in the backside. Augmentation may be done one of two ways:

  • Through synthetic implants placed into the buttock tissue
  • With fat transfer, which removes fat from one area and injects it into the buttocks

When liposuction is combined with fat transfer, the procedure has been termed a “Brazilian butt lift (BBL).” The BBL is a very powerful procedure for many women. There is a misconception that buttock augmentation always produces a larger buttock giving a Kim Kardashian or J. Lo appearance. BBL’s are mostly aimed to improve buttock shape and are not always performed to create a larger buttock. Plastic surgeons often state that the more important part of a BBL is what we remove and not what we add. Fat is added to specific areas to create a more round or “curvy”apparence and not always to produce a larger buttock.

The right choice for you will depend on a number of factors, including whether you have available fat in another area of the body and the amount of augmentation you are hoping to achieve. Dr. Andrews will discuss your concerns and goals with you in detail prior to your procedure to help you choose the best technique for you.

Buttock rejuvenation is an excellent way to perk up the backside and create a more youthful or attractive body profile. To learn more about these procedures, contact Dr. Andrews at Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at 855-338-0261.

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