Bridging the “Thigh Gap” with Plastic Surgery

The thighs are a focus for many women who dream of slender, sculpted limbs to flaunt under shorts and skirts. Feeding the frenzy is the latest cosmetic trend, known as the “thigh gap,” made famous by pencil-thin Victoria Secret models and well-known celebs like Beyonce. The “thigh gap” is a defined space between the inner thighs when standing with the knees together. No matter how that gap is obtained, there is no doubt it is becoming a much-coveted feature. For those who are interested in creating a new body contour in the upper leg, there are plastic surgery procedures that can help.

The Thigh Problem

The thighs are an area of the body that can take plenty of abuse. Many women find the upper leg is a natural depository for stubborn fat cells that don’t respond well to diet and exercise. In addition, cellulite commonly forms on the thighs, giving a dimpled appearance to the skin that resembles cottage cheese. If a woman loses weight, the skin of the thighs may not conform to the new body shape, leaving loose skin that can rub together and cause irritation.

These issues often send women in search of plastic surgery procedures to sculpt the contour of the thighs and create a smoother look to the upper leg. Now, the quest for the thigh gap has also brought women in search of ways to narrow the look of the thigh and create a slimmer, more youthful body profile. The good news is there are ways to address all of these issues, creating the smoother, slimmer look you are hoping for.

Treatment Options

At Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery, Dr. Andrews offers a number of treatment options to improve the appearance of the thighs and achieve the desired thigh gap:


Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure uses targeted cooling to freeze away unwanted fat cells. In April 2014, the FDA approved the device for the inner thigh to decrease the circumference of the thigh and create a space between the legs. The procedure is usually administered in a series of sessions and results take a number of weeks to develop and a numbers of months to be fully mature. Oh and it’s perfect for men, too.


Liposuction is an option for those with isolated pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. This procedure uses tiny incisions to suction away fat deposits, creating a smoother, leaner contour to the upper thigh.

Thigh Lift

If excess, hanging skin is interfering with your thigh gap, a thigh lift may be the right choice. This procedure tightens skin on the upper leg, removing excess and creating a smoother outline to the inner and outer thigh.

If you would like to improve the appearance of your thighs, we have options that can help. To learn more about these plastic surgery procedures, contact Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery at 319-800-6877 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Andrews today.

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