What You Need to Know about ThermiVa

WhatThermiVa is giving new hope to women that have experienced vaginal changes as a result of childbirth or menopause. Vaginal stretching, laxity and ageing can lead to vaginal dryness, decreased sexual pleasure and urinary incontinence for some women. Now, those changes and their side effects can be effectively addressed without painful surgery or an extended recovery period.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa uses revolutionary technology to address vaginal laxity and thinning, offering women of all ages a chance to reverse the aging process and some of the personal consequences it can sometimes bring. Radiofrequency energy delivers gentle heating to the vaginal area, restoring normal tissue tone and function. The procedure can be performed in our office on an outpatient basis without the need for anesthesia, incisions or downtime afterward.

Candidates for ThermiVa

ThermiVa may be recommended for women with the following concerns:

  • Vaginal dryness that leads to discomfort and painful intercourse
  • Vaginal laxity that interferes with your ability to feel vaginal sensations and achieve orgasm during sex
  • Stress urinary incontinence that results in leakage of urine when you cough, exercise, laugh or sneeze
  • Decreased confidence in your personal relationships as a result of vaginal changes

In many cases, ThermiVa can take the place of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, medications and even surgery to treat stress urinary incontinence. In just three short office procedures, women enjoy a noticeable improvement in the sensations and function of the vaginal region, improving their self-confidence and their quality of life.

About the Procedure

A smooth, S-shaped probe is used to deliver radiofrequency inside the vagina, constricting tissue and tightening the area. The same probe can also be used on the outside of the genitalia to treat and restructure the labia when necessary. Patients feel little or no discomfort during the procedure, which generally takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. In fact, some patients find the treatment to be pleasant, similar to a warm, gentle massage.

After the procedure, patients can immediately return to their daily activities. Sexual activity can even be resumed that same day. Most women report a noticeable difference in vaginal laxity after their very first treatment, although a series of three treatment sessions is generally recommended to achieve full results. Once full results are achieved, most women only need yearly maintenance treatments to keep their positive results.

If you are experiencing the unfortunate and uncomfortable side effects often brought on by vaginal changes, help is available. Now, you can address laxity and stretching of the vagina with a non-surgical treatment that offers dramatic results without pain or downtime. ThermiVa is a relatively new procedure that is only offered by a handful of physicians at this time. Dr. Andrews and his staff are the only providers in Cedar Rapids offering this treatment.

Don’t accept changes to the vagina that you assume are simply a part of the aging process. Vaginal laxity is a condition that can have a significant impact on your body, your health and your quality of life. To find out if ThermiVa is the right treatment for you, contact Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery today at 319-800-6877 or visit ThermivaIowa.com.

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