What Is vFit & How Does It Work with ThermiVa?

Women’s intimate health is all too often forgotten in some stages of life. Mothers and older women, in particular, are not frequently thought of as sexual beings — so, when childbearing and shifts in hormones start to result in vaginal laxity, dryness or uncomfortable intercourse, many women allow these changes to occur without discussing or addressing the negative impacts on their sexual wellness. But the truth is that sex and intimacy are essential for many reasons regardless of motherhood, menopause or aging. Studies consistently link a healthy sense of sexuality to confidence, happiness and strong relationships. At Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery, we know that women of all ages and lifestyles deserve to feel great about their whole bodies. And, with simple treatments like ThermiVa and vFit, we’re ready to help you rediscover your sexuality and refresh your intimate health.

Non-Invasive Feminine Rejuvenation

In recent years, cosmetics researchers have been finding new ways to restore the human body without a need for intensive surgeries. These approaches rely on pulses of energies like temperature, laser light, radiofrequency and ultrasound, all of which have been shown to safely and effectively target tissues like fat, blood vessels or skin cells. With high-tech handheld devices, aesthetics providers everywhere can help their clients treat a variety of concerns — from unwanted fat to signs of aging — without so much as breaking the skin. 

These technologies have now been harnessed to provide tissue restoration in women’s intimate areas. Over time, the skin, glands and blood vessels of the labia and vagina can lose some of their structure and strength. As a result, women may experience symptoms like a change in the appearance of their labia, a weak or loose feeling in the vaginal walls, a decrease in natural lubrication or a loss of sensation during sex. But for many of these women, a non-invasive treatment can make all the difference simply by restoring full health and vigor to tissues that have aged or become damaged. 

ThermiVa for Atrophic Vaginitis

 One of the top non-invasive treatments for vaginal rejuvenation is ThermiVa, a radiofrequency-based device that targets a specific hormone-related condition called atrophic vaginitis. When estrogen levels in the body drop — sometimes due to menopause, breastfeeding or birth control — the tissues in the vaginal walls become thin and dry, making them particularly susceptible to uncomfortable friction in daily life or during sex. This can lead to irritation and inflammation, which only furthers the discomfort and might lead to other sexual health problems if left untreated. With gentle radiofrequency energy, short appointments and no recovery time, ThermiVa offers women relief from atrophic vaginitis without the need for medications or hormonal intervention. 

vFit: Convenience and Cutting-Edge Technology

The vFit and vFit PLUS devices take non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation to a new level by putting the restoration device into your hands in the comfort of your own home. vFit is the first medically and scientifically backed in-home option to treat women’s intimate health concerns — created by a female entrepreneur and a team of expert OB/GYNs, vFit is safe, easy to use and effective. The sleek design is wireless and ergonomic and includes fully customizable settings to keep you completely comfortable during every 12-minute treatment. For even more customizability, talk to a provider in your area about the vFit PLUS, a version of the vFit with extra features that can be purchased exclusively through partnering medical professionals.

With a blend of LED red light energy, soothing heat and sonic vibrations, vFit gently encourages activity in atrophied cells and blood vessels to boost overall tissue health. The process is painless and comfortable — simply choose your favorite private place to relax, pick your settings and let the device work. Initial studies have shown that after just 60 days of use, 95% of women felt improvements in their vaginal health, and 89% reported increased confidence and sensation during sex.

 ThermiVa and vFit for Total Restoration

 Each of these treatments has proven itself effective on its own, but there are incredible benefits to combining the two. Most notably, vFit serves as a perfect way to enhance the results of ThermiVa with an easy and convenient in-home treatment. ThermiVa is more powerful than the vFit or vFit PLUS devices, but it must be provided in-office by a licensed professional. And, it’s not intended for regular use — providers recommend waiting 4-6 weeks between up to three initial ThermiVa treatments, and at least 6 months between long-term maintenance treatments. The vFit, though, is safe and gentle enough to use every other day, and can be used at any point between your ThermiVa treatments to help keep you in top shape.

The technologies of the two devices are also ideal complements. The radiofrequency energy in a ThermiVa treatment works by precisely heating your tissues to a temperature that promotes the production of new, healthy skin structures like collagen. It also stimulates blood flow in the area, which helps plump the vaginal walls and improve lubrication. But due to the gentle, non-invasive nature of ThermiVa, the results build slowly as the treatment triggers natural restoration in your body. Since vFit works similarly with light and heat energies, using the device regularly in between your other treatments may help speed restorative processes along. vFit can also keep collagen production and cell turnover regular, particularly once your ThermiVa treatment has kickstarted these processes. With vFit or vFit PLUS, you may find you can wait longer between ThermiVa maintenance treatments.

To learn more about ThermiVa and vFit in the Cedar Rapids or Coralville, Iowa areas, contact Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery today. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kahlil Andrews or our expert ThermiVa provider, Courtney Albritton, PA-C. Our staff is here to guide you in finding the right treatment or treatments to address all of your concerns, and we’re especially happy to be able to help women regain their confidence and sense of sexuality. If your intimacy is suffering due to symptoms like laxity, dryness or discomfort, visit us to learn more about our vaginal rejuvenation options. Call us at 319-800-6877 to schedule your first appointment.

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