Snapchat Surgeries: The Impact of Social Media on Plastic Surgery

Snapchat Surgeries: The Impact of Social Media on Plastic SurgeryThere are many reasons for the rise in the popularity of plastic surgery today. One of the top factors may be the increase in social media use. Recent surveys have served to substantiate what many have suspected, social media sites and selfies are prompting men and women alike to move forward with plastic surgical procedures that they have been considering. In addition, social media is making plastic surgery more accessible and it is now easier to find a well-trained plastic surgeon in the local community.

Surveys Offer Clues

In early 2015, Dermatology Times reported on a survey from RealSelf which found that social media does play a role in plastic surgical choices. The online information-sharing community surveyed 527 visitors to determine whether social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat influenced people’s decisions to pursue plastic surgery. The survey found that more than 15 percent said simply, “Yes,” while another 33 percent said that while they were already leaning toward surgery, social media photos reinforced their decision.

Early this year, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery announced the outcome of their annual survey on plastic surgery trends, including the impact of social media. They reported that social media and reality TV are prompting millennials to turn to facial plastic surgery procedures. Dubbed the “Kardashian Effect” and “Selfie Mania,” this trend is fueling an increase in younger patients seeking skin rejuvenation and body contouring procedures. The addition of more non-surgical procedures offering superior results also attracts younger patients looking for cosmetic enhancement.

The Reach of Social Media

Seeing those selfies isn’t the only way social media is contributing to the rising demand for plastic surgery procedures. As more men and women are turning to social media sites to show the results of their cosmetic treatments, the perception of plastic surgery, in general, has changed. Today, it is much more acceptable to indulge in a treatment or surgery to enhance one’s appearance.

In addition to social acceptance, frequent postings about treatments and procedure are serving to educate prospective patients about the treatment options now available. Whether you see procedure results on a favorite celebrity or your best friend, it is much easier to tune into the options available today without leaving the comfort of your couch or your desk at work.

Shopping Around

Social media has also become an effective place for those shopping for a procedure to find the right doctor for their needs. Plastic surgeons are turning to social media to market their services, while information-sharing sites offer reviews of physicians from former patients. Today, you can determine the qualifications of a surgeon and read multitudes of patient testimonials on any mobile device by the simple investment of a little bit of time.

There is no doubt the rise in social media has made us even more aware of our appearance. Fortunately, there are many plastic surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments to help us achieve our cosmetic goals so we can look our absolute best for that next selfie. To learn more, contact Dr. Andrews and his staff at Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery today at 855-338-0261.

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