New Year’s Resolution: Feminine Enhancement

vaginal rejuvenation patient iowa cityIf the start of 2017 has left you feeling less than your best, Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery may have a solution for you. Some women find that childbirth and the simple passage of time have resulted in changes that affect their physical comfort as well as other aspects of their lives. If changes to your body are keeping you from enjoying life and personal relationships to their fullest, perhaps it is time to consider feminine enhancement to improve your intimacy, appearance and overall quality of life.

Breast Enhancement

Even if you were happy with the appearance of your breasts in your younger years, this important feminine feature can change with time. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can give the breasts a deflated look and the natural aging process can lead to sagging and drooping. Breast implants with or without a lift procedure can restore volume to the breasts and improve shape, while creating a more youthful upper body profile once again.

Dr. Andrews at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery is experienced in all types of breast enhancement procedures and can help you determine which treatment will provide you with the cosmetic results you are looking for. In most cases, a combination of breast procedures can be performed at the same time, offering dramatic results with just one time under anesthesia and one recovery period.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The breasts are not the only part of the woman’s body that can change over time. The genital area can also experience thinning and shrinking of tissues that leads to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse for some women. In the past, there was little that could be done for these issues aside from topical lubrication products. Today, there is a non-invasive procedure known as ThermiVa that can restore lubrication and function to the vagina.

ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy to warm the vaginal tissue, which results in changes to the vaginal lining that promote internal lubrication that can be been lost with aging and hormonal changes. The procedure is not painful and can be completed in as fast as 15-20 minutes. In addition to enhancing vaginal lubrication, ThermiVa also tightens the tissues around the urethra which can halt mild to moderate stress incontinence (dribbling of urine with activity) and can tighten the labia majora to improve the external vaginal appearance. A series of 3 treatments is recommended for full results. Patients have no downtime after the procedure and will likely see dramatic improvement in the look, feel and function of the vagina once the full results are achieved.

Mommy Makeovers

Other women find that the process of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can take a significant toll on their bodies over time. In addition to the changes mentioned above, some women find carrying children leads to laxity of abdominal muscles and a “pooch” around the midsection that simply does not respond to diet and exercise. When this concern is combined with changes to the breasts, it can leave women looking and feeling less than their best as they commit their lives to caring for their families.

A mommy makeover is a customized combination of surgical procedures designed to reverse the effects of pregnancy and lactation. Common procedures included in the mommy makeover include breast enhancement, liposuction to remove isolated areas of fat and/or a tummy tuck to restore the smooth, flat contour of the abdomen. Some women also decide to add skin rejuvenation, facial surgery or vaginal rejuvenation to the mix to bring their entire body back to a state of youthful vitality.

Women’s bodies experience plenty of changes with time and pregnancy and not all of them are welcomed. At Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we strive to help women address these unwanted changes by promoting a youthful rejuvenation of their appearance and by reversing functional changes that affect their quality of life. To learn more about your treatment options, contact Dr. Andrews Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery today at 855-338-0261.

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