Doing it For You: What to Know Before Deciding on ThermiVa

Women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life struggle with changes in their body after pregnancy, as they age or due to feminine health concerns. Female sexual health requires a delicate balance between your vaginal and pelvic muscles, natural lubrication and even psychological factors. If your sexuality is suffering because of vaginal looseness, dryness or discomfort, it can take a toll on intimacy and ultimately your confidence and happiness. So many women in this situation are thrilled to learn about treatments like ThermiVa, which offer them hope that they can restore their body and boost their sexual well-being. If you are interested in taking steps to rejuvenate your body and refresh your femininity, you should begin to familiarize yourself with the ThermiVa treatment and find out whether it could be right for you.

How ThermiVa Works

If you have ever browsed the skin care aisle at your local pharmacy, you have likely heard of collagen — a structural protein found in our bodies that keeps our skin full and firm. When your skin is damaged or as we age, the collagen in your body breaks down and loses its structure, and your skin cells do not reproduce healthy collagen quickly enough to keep your skin as bouncy as it once was. This occurs in the skin and tissue of your vagina, too. Scientists have found that when collagen is heated, it contracts back into a firmer shape and can restore a sense of tightness to the heated area. ThermiVa harnesses this principle. The handheld ergonomic ThermiVa tool delivers targeted waves of radiofrequency energy into the tissues of your vaginal canal, heating collagen without harming the surface of your skin. As the treatment begins to take effect, you will notice that the area looks and feels firmer, which in turn heightens sensation and promotes lubrication to restore your sexual health.

Is ThermiVa Right for You?

Since ThermiVa is a quick, non-invasive and painless treatment with no recovery time, it is often the first recommendation for any client who is seeking vaginal rejuvenation. It is suitable for the vast majority of women because it works with your body’s natural structures and processes rather than making any artificial changes to the area — your chances of an adverse reaction or complications are extremely low, even if you have sensitive skin or skin allergies. If you are experiencing noticeable vaginal looseness — requiring larger-sized tampons than you used to, losing sensation during sex and the like — it is very likely that you would benefit from ThermiVa treatments.

Who Should Not Receive ThermiVa?

There are a few reasons that ThermiVa might not work for you — generally speaking, if you have any vaginal health concerns like bacterial sensitivities, vaginismus or sexually transmitted infections you may not be able to undergo a ThermiVa treatment. Additionally, ThermiVa cannot correct significant prolapse of pelvic organs, though in some cases it can still restore sensation. We also generally recommend waiting to receive any vaginal rejuvenation treatments until you are finished having children; pregnancy and childbirth are likely to reverse the effects of your treatment. However, if you are aware of this risk and still want to seek vaginal rejuvenation even though you are not sure you will not become pregnant again, ThermiVa can still be an option.

If you are ready to find out if a vaginal rejuvenation treatment like ThermiVa can restore your sexuality and femininity, we welcome you to reach out to Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery without hesitation. Our PA, Courtney Albritton, has over 10 years’ experience in women’s health and can guide you through your options and help you understand what ThermiVa can accomplish for you. Let us guide you on your journey back to sexual health, confidence and well-being — call us today at 319-800-6877 to schedule your consultation with Courtney Albritton, PA-C at our Coralville or Cedar Rapids, Iowa offices.

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