Breaking Down Plastic Surgery Fees

Individuals often hesitate to pursue the plastic surgery they want due to concerns over the cost of the procedure. However, most plastic surgeons are committed to providing the treatments patient’s want, while making those procedures as affordable as possible. One important step in the process is learning how the costs are determined, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Plastic Surgery Components

When it comes to paying for your plastic surgery procedure, there are a number of different fees that combine to make up the overall price of the procedure. Some of those individual fees might include:

Surgeon’s Fee – This fee usually makes up the bulk of the plastic surgery cost. Fees may vary based on the experience and training of the physician, as well as the location of the office. However, the choice in surgeon should depend more on the surgeon’s skill level and care provided than in the fee charged, if a successful procedure is your top priority.

Anesthesia Fee – Costs of anesthesia will vary, based on whether a local or general anesthesia is used. Length of the procedure may also be a factor, since anesthesia fees and the services of an anesthesiologist are often based on an hourly rate.

Facility Fee – Even physicians who perform procedures in their own facilities may have a fee included for its use. Like anesthesia fees, facility fees are often based on how long it takes to perform the procedure.

Implant Costs – Implants for augmentation procedures involving the breast, buttocks, chin or other areas will also have a separate fee. Fees vary based on the type of implant used. For example, saline implants tend to cost less than silicone implants for breast augmentation.

Garment Costs – Compression garments and special dressings used after surgery add to the cost of the procedure. However, these garments are essential to ensure thorough healing and the best possible results from your cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Insurance – CosmetAssure is insurance that covers the cost of unexpected complications that might arise during or after surgery. It is exclusively offered to members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is endorsed by the organization.

Plastic Surgery Estimates and Fees in Cedar Rapids at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery Center

While there is an expense associated with plastic surgery, patients should never feel that cost gets in the way of the results they hope to achieve. Dr. Andrews and his staff carefully go over the fees associated with each procedure, so you know precisely how much your surgery will cost. To learn more about options in plastic surgery contact our staff at 319-800-6877.

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