24 Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery: Fact or Fiction?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States and many parts of the world. It traditionally involved a lengthy recovery period that required patients to take a week or more off from work and other responsibilities. Now, the internet is abuzz with what people are calling “24 hour breast augmentation recovery.”

What Is 24 Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery?

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, you may have heard about 24 hour breast augmentation recovery. This term describes techniques that expedite the recovery process after this procedure to allow patients to resume their typical routine just 24 hours after their surgery.

This topic has sparked a lot of questions, and we are here to give you the answers and the truth about recovering from breast augmentation in 24 hours.

Is It Possible to Recover From Breast Augmentation in 24 Hours?

Being recovered from breast augmentation has various definitions, as there are multiple stages of recovery. Some define it as when a patient isn’t feeling any more discomfort and can go back to work. In contrast, others describe being recovered as when a patient feels back to 100 percent with their full strength regained and can resume all of their usual activities.

It’s Possible in Some Cases, But Not for Everyone

By some definitions, certain patients with specific circumstances can recover from breast augmentation in 24 hours. By “recover,” we mean it’s possible for patients to resume some activities one day after surgery, but it by no means indicates that a patient will be fully recovered and can engage in strenuous full-body workouts or other arduous activities. Realistically, a 24 hour recovery period is not attainable for all breast augmentation patients.

How Much Downtime Do I Really Need After Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrews, you can return home just a few hours after surgery. In some cases, you may be able to enjoy a laid back night out, such as going to dinner or a movie, the next night.

While Dr. Andrews offers ways to speed up your recovery and reduce your downtime, the majority of breast augmentation patients need at least two days off before returning to work. An ideal situation for many patients is scheduling their surgery for a Friday and then taking the weekend to relax and recover before returning to work on Monday. If you have a physically demanding job, you may need to take more time off (two to four weeks). Most exercises can be resumed after one month.

How Can I Speed Up My Recovery After Breast Augmentation?

Ask About Long-Acting Anesthetics/Pain Blocks

Dr. Andrews uses what’s called a pectoralis block, serratus plane block or erector spinae block during breast augmentation surgery. This long-acting anesthetic (called EXPAREL®) decreases pain by blocking the nerves in the breasts. These types of pain blocks can shorten recovery time by reducing the need for gas anesthetics during surgery and narcotics after surgery, both of which can cause post-operative nausea.

Consider Sub-glandular Implant Placement

You can choose to have your breast implants placed over or under the pectoralis muscle in your chest. Placing the implants over the muscle and under the glandular breast tissue (known as sub-glandular placement) has a faster recovery time compared to placing the implants under the muscle (known as sub-muscular placement). This is because sub-muscular placement involves manipulating the muscle, which requires additional time to heal.

However, your choice of implant placement shouldn’t be based solely on recovery time. Implant placement below the muscle offers several benefits in terms of your results, which may make the longer recovery period worthwhile for you. If you don’t have a lot of existing breast tissue, sub-muscular placement provides more soft tissue coverage of the implants for more natural-looking results and a reduced chance of visible implant rippling through the chest tissue. It’s also thought that breast implants age better and last longer when placed sub-muscularly.

If you have adequate existing breast tissue and are concerned about a fast recovery, sub-glandular implant placement might be best for you.

Avoid Submerging Your Recovering Breasts in Water

After breast augmentation, you will have incisions that need to heal, and water can introduce unwanted bacteria to your incisions. Keeping your incisions clean and dry will help avoid infections that could be a detriment to their healing. This means you should avoid taking baths, swimming and sitting in hot tubs for at least one month or until your incisions are fully closed and healed.

Take Care of Your Incisions

We recommend cleaning your incisions daily, whether in the shower or with a washcloth or cotton rounds outside the shower. With clean hands, remove your bandages, being careful not to pull if they are stuck to your skin. If needed, you can wet the bandages to allow them to come off more easily without pulling on your stitches. Then, gently clean your incisions with warm water and soap. Allow your incisions to dry before placing new bandages over them and getting dressed.

Wear Your Recovery Bra — Not an Underwire Bra

At Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery, we fit our breast augmentation patients for a post-surgical bra that should be worn for at least one month. This garment will protect your new breasts and support them as they heal.

After one month, you can continue wearing your surgical bra if you choose, or you can switch to a regular or sports bra as long as it doesn’t have an underwire. Underwire bras should be avoided for at least six weeks (ideally for 10 weeks) after your breast surgery, as the wire can irritate your skin and your incisions.

Follow Dr. Andrews’ Recovery Instructions

Dr. Andrews will provide you with comprehensive instructions for your breast augmentation recovery. You can have the safest and quickest recovery possible by carefully following these instructions.

If you have questions at any point throughout your recovery process, Dr. Andrews or a member of his staff will be available to answer them.

Find Out More About Rapid Breast Augmentation Recovery in Coralville, IA

Dr. Andrews performs breast augmentation with the patient’s needs in mind, and he will review all of your options and explain the process to ensure you are both on the same page at your consultation.

To schedule your personalized breast augmentation consultation at Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery, call us at (319) 450-7619 or fill out our online contact form.

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